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छठ पूजा पर्व पर निबंध Hindi Essay on Chhath Puja

English essay on Chhath Puja for students and children

On this day, the god Sun is worshiped for well-being, progress and prosperity of the humanity. The God Sun is also considered as the god of power, energy, and life-force. Chhath Puja is also known as Dala Chhath, Surya Shashti, and Chhathi.

On this festival, people worship the God Sun for purity, thanks for providing source of life, and devotion. People also ask / pray to the god Sun to fulfill their wishes. This festival is celebrated for four days continuously in many parts of India. It has significant important among the people of Bihar state.

During this festival, many ghats (riverbanks) will be full of people to pray and offer special rituals to the Sun god. In single day, two types of puja are performed, one in the early morning and another at the evening. The morning puja / prayer is known as ‘Arghya’ which is for prosperity, good harvest and peace and evening puja / prayer is known as ‘Arghya’ for expression of thanks to the god.

Hindu people believes that the Sun’s energy is magnanimous and therefore, it cures many diseases such as leprosy, and person’s longevity.

Barari Ghat (Vikramshila Setu, Bhagalpur), Bokaro Steel City (Jharkhand), A ghat in a village near Muzaffarpur (Bihar) and Kolkata (West Bengal) are popular places for Chhath Puja rituals.

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