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Fibre to Fabric: 7th Class NCERT CBSE Science Chapter 03

7th Class CBSE Science NCERT Book

Fibre to Fabric NCERT 7th Class CBSE Science Chapter 03 Question: Name the sources of obtaining fibres. Answer: The sources of obtaining fibres are plants and animals. Question: Name some wool yielding animals. Answer: Wool yielding animals are sheep, yak, llama, alpaca, angora goat, angora rabbit and camel. Question: In which part …

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NCERT 7th Class (CBSE) Science: Forests: Our Lifeline

Equatorial Forest Region

Question: Define the following terms: Primary Consumers, Secondary Consumers, Scavengers, Dispersal of seeds, Global Warming. Answer: Definitions are as under: Primary Consumers: The primary consumer is the living organism that eats the producers, which are the plants. This means that all organisms that are classified as herbivores, also called plant-eaters, fall into the category of primary …

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