Tuesday , September 27 2022
International Yoga Day

Yoga Speech For Students And Children

Speech On Yoga – 4

Good Morning All!

As you know that today our Yoga Group Foundation has successfully completed one year, so today’s event has been organized to celebrate this one-year achievement. On this auspicious day, please allow me to heartily congratulate and express words of gratitude to our members of Yoga Group Foundation who worked hard to spread awareness among the masses about the benefit of yoga and helped made available necessary resources to make this one-year session a harbinger of bodily health and mental happiness. Also, I want to thank all the society people who never missed a day and showed enthusiasm to learn this art form and spread the teaching amongst others.

I, Nandini, your host for today’s event and one of the co-founders of this group wish to deliver a short speech on Yoga – the science behind it and forms its essence.

Many of us perform Yoga on a daily basis, but how many actually know about what this art form entails and why it is performed. So it’s basically a method to achieve balance in our bodies, i.e. gaining strength, increasing flexibility and attaining spirituality. Yoga also endorses a non-materialistic way of living. Yoga is more precisely described through the use of the Sanskrit word called “asana” which means the practicing of different types of physical postures or asanas. The yoga postures are an indispensable part of the yoga. Usually, the class begins with normal breathing exercises and then goes on to incorporate gentle asanas followed by more tough ones. The yoga asanas are performed keeping in mind all the body parts as well as combine breathing practices, including guided mediation.

There are different poses for which the instructor guides you throughout; these poses include standing, sitting, back bending, forward bends, upside-down asanas as well as twisting postures. Besides these, there are other different types of yoga which are especially tailored to suit the different needs of people. For instance, there is Hatha Yoga, which is the most practiced form and deals with the breathing exercises and bodily postures. Then there are two other types of yoga, i.e. Karma and Bhakti Yoga, which are advised to people who are looking to gain spiritual experience in life.

This is an art form known to humanity from thousands of years whose history can be traced back to 3,000 BC. Since then, it is being practiced by various spiritual gurus and in the contemporary times, yoga is being looked up as a disciplinary form itself to be taught in various schools and colleges. The definitive aim of yoga is to help a person rise above the self and gain a sublime experience. Even in Bhagavad-Gita, it is written, “A person is said to have achieved yoga, the union with the Self, when the perfectly disciplined mind gets freedom from all desires, and becomes absorbed in the Self alone.” Though it’s not a religion, but it is certainly a mode of living life that works towards attaining a sound mind as well as a healthy body.

So unleash the power of yoga, feel energized and develop a zest of living.

Thank You!

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