Wednesday , August 17 2022
International Yoga Day

Yoga Speech For Students And Children

Speech On Yoga – 2

Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen!

I hearty welcome all of you to our yoga auditorium and today is a very special day for our “Stay Fit Organization” because our organization has completed five years of success in motivating people for staying fit through yoga. As a manager of this organization, I am feeling highly privileged for hosting this event. As our organization is all about yoga and fitness, so in this context I would like to say a few words about yoga and it may help the newcomers to get motivated for staying fit.

First of all, it is very important to understand that what is yoga? It is the union between body and mind or we can say that it is a way to create a balance between mind and body. Yoga was said to be originated in India and therefore, it is known as “Yog” all around the world. Today, the knowledge and practice of yoga is getting disseminated all around the world and which is a very good thing. In yoga, we get to learn about many body postures or poses for keeping ourselves fit such as sitting, standing, forward bending, backward bending, upside-down postures etc. There are uncountable poses in yoga.

Many poses are required flexibility such as plow pose, pigeon pose, upward bow pose, fish pose etc; and many people does not have enough flexibility in their bodies, so there are many other poses which do not require high flexibility such as the perfect pose, mountain pose, chair pose, triangle pose etc. As there are uncountable poses, so there are uncountable benefits of practicing yoga also. Benefits defers from one pose to another. Practicing yoga is absolutely worthy and it has the potential to cure many diseases like respiratory problems, abdominal problems, diseases related to nervous system etc. It helps in reliving negativity and toxins from our body. It helps in reducing stress level and increasing awareness. Especially for children, it helps in building concentration power and focus. It can be said that it is a best medicine for curing respiratory problems and also works best for abdominal diseases like stomach ache and infections. It also helps in enhancing personality because automatically, if a person is disease free then he or she will look good and healthy.

After getting aware about all these benefits, I hope that many among you people are willing to pursue yoga for living a healthy life because we all know that health is wealth.

As this is a special day for our organization so, today our organization is giving a free trial session of three days to all the people who are interested in yoga. I am assuring you that it is going to change your life because I have experienced it by myself. Yoga is the best path for staying healthy and maintaining body balance.

On this note, I would like to end my speech and extend special thanks to our management community for organizing such an inspiring event and of course to the people for joining us and making this event successful.

I wish you all a great day ahead!

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