Friday , September 17 2021
World Population Day

World Population Day Speech For Students And Children

World Population Day Speech 2

Dear Visitors!

Welcome to the celebration of World Population Day. As you know, like every year we are celebrating this day with equal enthusiasm and new theme. In 1989, the Governing Council of United Nations Development Programme recommended to celebrate World Population Day on 11th July with the objective to highlight the importance and urgency to population related issues.

As you all know that every year our NGO selects a theme based on population and try to create awareness about the same. So this year’s theme would be gender equality and protection of girl child. Since our establishment, we have been fighting against female foeticide. Girls are equally important as that of boys and perhaps even more because the entire humanity owes its existence to them and they help strike a social balance in our society. There was a great reduction in the number of women compared to men, till few years ago. Due to an increase in crimes rate against women such as dowry deaths, female foeticide, rape, forced illiteracy, gender-based discrimination, etc women have always been suppressed. In order to equalize the boy-girl ratio, it is important that people start saving the girl child.

We travel in rural and semi-urban areas in order to identify such cases where women unfortunately become the victims of evil forces in our society. Female trafficking, domestic violence, forced prostitution and female foeticide have become serious threats for the safety of women. Therefore, we try to provide possible assistance to women who are living under deprived conditions so that they can liberate themselves from these inhuman conditions. We also try to make them aware of various acts implemented by the government such as gender equality, protection of women from domestic violence act 2005, proper education, ban of female infanticide, immoral traffic (prevention) act, etc in order to protect them in the society.

Lack of education is one of the main reasons behind this ignorance. Women in today’s society is earning name and fame and bringing accolades to the nation at par with their male counterparts. Thus, saving a girl child becomes the need of the hour. Each child has the right to get education and be self-reliant. Population control and wise family planning help couples to have an ideal number of children so that every child can get a fair upbringing and education. It is also important that women who want to avoid pregnancy are using effective and safe contraceptive measures.

We have taken steps to educate women all over India, especially in rural areas where there is a lack of awareness and support from their counterpart. Some women don’t want to discuss these matters out of timidity and hesitation. We have female colleagues who work voluntarily for the development of such women. They travel in groups, establish mobile schools, healthcare centre and information centre; organize quizzes, debates, etc where women are urged to come out of their houses and participate in this mission.

Our NGO is greatly supporting women development and there are several industrialists and business tycoons who are supporting us. Our main objective is to make women independent where they can take important decisions of life on their own such as the right marriageable age, childbirth right, education right, etc.

We appeal to every youth to come forward and join this mission in order to make world Population Day highly successful.

Thank You!

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