Thursday , September 29 2022
Rickshaw Puller Essay For Students And Children

Rickshaw Puller Essay For Students And Children

Now-a-days we see rickshaw pullers n almost all the towns. They are found usually at bus stands and railway stations.

A rickshaw puller must have a well-built muscular body. He has to deal with all sorts of passengers, educated gentlemen, villagers, students and businessmen. So he is tactful and understands temperaments well.

A rickshaw puller has to drive his vehicle along rough and smooth roads. He works in all weathers. Even when he is tried and out of breath, he has to obey his passengers and drive faster.

A rickshaw puller is a poor man. He eats simple food and wears rough clothes. If he takes the rickshaw on hire, he pays about half the day’s earnings to the rickshaw owner and keeps the other half to himself to support his family or aged parents. Often he cannot get a full meal. He takes tea hurriedly at a stall to refresh himself and stands waiting for passengers.

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