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Science Solved Sample Paper

9th Science Mid Term Exam Question Paper (2019-20)

9th Science Mid Term Exam: Question Paper (2019-20)

School Name: Himalayan Public School, Sector 13, Rohini, Delhi 110085 India
Time: 3 hours
Marks: 80
Date: 13/09/2019
Class: IX
Subject: Science

General Instructions:

  • All the questions are compulsory.
  • All questions of Section A and Section B and C are to be attempted separately.
  • There is an internal choice in four questions of three marks each and three questions of five marks each.
  • Question number 1 to 10 are MCQs and 11 to 20 are one mark questions.
  • Question number 21 to 30 are three marks questions.
  • Question numbers 31 to 36 are five marks questions.

Section A: 9th Science Mid Term Exam

Question: 1. During summer, water kept in earthen pot become cool due to phenomenon of

  1. Diffusion
  2. Transpiration
  3. Distillation
  4. Evaporation

Question: 2. The common characteristics of Solid and liquid state are

  1. both have fixed shape
  2. both have fixed volume
  3. both are rigid
  4. both have maximum force of attraction

Question: 3. The cell sap in plant cells consists of

  1. water only
  2. water & inorganic substance
  3. water + organic substance
  4. both (b) and (c)

Question: 4. Actively dividing cells are present in

  1. Xylem
  2. cambium
  3. Phloem
  4. Collenchyma

Question: 5. A particle is moving in a circular path of radius r. The displacement after half a circle would be

  1. Zero
  2. πr
  3. 2r
  4. 22 πr

Question: 6. Bags at the top of a school van are tied using a string to avoid the effect of

  1. inertia
  2. momentum
  3. force
  4. acceleration

Question: 7. Upthrust on a body depends on

  1. density of the liquid
  2. volume of the body
  3. density of the body
  4. both (b) and (c)

Question: 8. Acceleration due to gravity (due to the shell) at any point inside the shell is

  1. Zero always
  2. Zero as long as no other mass is inside
  3. Zero as long as no other mass is outside the shell
  4. cannot be found

Question: 9. Animal husbandry is the scientific management of

  1. animal breeding
  2. culture of animals
  3. animal livestock
  4. rearing of animals

Question: 10. The physical state of a matter depends upon

  1. temperature and pressure
  2. temperature only
  3. pressure only
  4. natural of substance

Question: 11. Why light is not considered as a matter?

Question: 12. What is solute and solvent in air?

Question: 13. What is nucleus called “Director of the cell”?

Question: 14. What is the common name of

  1. Xylem
  2. Phloem

Question: 15. Define Velocity. Write its SI Unit.

Question: 16. What do you mean by unbalanced force?

9th Science Mid Term Exam – Question: 17. What is acceleration due to gravity?

Question: 18. What would happen if carbon dioxide content of the atmosphere increases?

Question: 19. Define Thrust. Write its SI Unit.

Question: 20. What nutrient we mainly get from vegetables, spices and fruit crops?

Section B

Question: 21. Describe an activity to determine boiling point of water and melting point of ice.

Question: 22.

  1. What are homogeneous mixtures?
  2. How we can prove that a mixture contains more than one substance?

Question: 23. What is the functional unit of life? State three differences between cell membrane and cell wall.

Question: 24. What is Phloem? Name the four elements of  Phloem and write one function of each.


What are the functions of bones, cartilage, ligaments and tendons?

Question: 25. A car moves with a speed of 30 km/h for half an hour, 25 km/h for one hour and 40 km/h for two hours. Calculate the average speed of the car.

Question: 26.

  1. State the law of conservation of momentum.
  2. A boy of mass 50 kg. running 5 m/s jumps on to a trolley of 20 kg. travelling in the same direction at 1.5 m/s. Find their common velocity.


Define inertia. Two blocks of same size and shape are made of steel, wood. Which of them has the more inertia and why? Why is Newton’s first law of motion also called Law of inertia?

Question: 27. Give reason of the following:

  1. an object dropped from a height falls towards the earth, all planets go round the sun.
  2. Moon does not have atmosphere.
  3. Two astronauts on the surface of moon can’t talk to each other. Why?

9th Science Mid Term Exam – Question: 28.

  1. How is pressure related to the area of a surface on which thrust acts?
  2. A solid exerts pressure of 20 pa on surface of 2m². Find its weight.


  1. State Archimedes Principle. Give two application of Archimedes principle.

Question: 29. What is meant by soil erosion? List two ways in which soil erosion is caused. Write two methods of preventing soil erosion.

Question: 30. What is meant by composite fish culture? How are fish obtained?


What management practices are common in dairy and poultry farming? What is the importance of a good feed in poultry?

Section C

Question: 31. What are neurons? Where are they found in the body? What functions do they perform in the body of an organism? Draw well labelled diagram of neurons.

Question: 32.

  1. Distinguish between displacement and distance covered by a body in give time.
  2. A car travels a distance of 360 km in 5 hours. What is the speed in m/s?


Explain the following:

  1. Some leaves may get detached from a tree if we vigorously shake its branch.
  2. It is difficult for a fireman to hold a hose, which ejects large amount of water at a high velocity.
  3. A 8000 kg engine pulls a train of 5 wagons, each of 2000 kg, along a horizontal track. If the engine exerts a force of 4000 N and the track offers a force of friction of 5000 N, then calculate (a) net acceleration force, (b) acceleration of the train.

Question: 33.

  1. What are the differences between mass of body and its weight?
  2. What happens to the force between two bjects if
  3. the mass of one object is doubled?
  4. the distance between the objects is doubled and tripled?
  5. the masses of both the objects are doubled?

Question: 34. Non metals are usually poor conductors of heat and electricity. They are non-lustrous, non-sonorous, non-malleable and are colored.

  1. Name a lustrous non-metal.
  2. Name a non-metal which is liquid at room temperature.
  3. Name a non-metal which is required for combustion.
  4. Name a non-metal which is known as good conductor of electricity.
  5. Name a non-metal other than carbon which shows allotropy.


  1. Give two differences between physical and chemical change.
  2. How will you justify the following changes are physical change.
  3. whipping egg white
  4. Dicing potatoes
  5. Boiling Vinegar
  6. dissolving coffee powder in water

Question: 35.

  1. Write three functions of epidermis. What changes take place in epidermis as the plant grows older?
  2. State the differences between the tissue of the outer layer of the branch of a tree and the outer layer of a young tree stem.
  3. Do the roots of a plant continue growing after their tips are removed.


  1. What is the other name of RBC? What is the average life span of RBC of man?
  2. What is the function of blood platelets in human body?
  3. Write the function of RBC and WBC.

9th Science Mid Term Exam – Question: 36.

  1. Define crop rotation. While choosing plants for crop rotation, what factors should be kept in mind?
  2. What is mixed farming? How does it help the farmer?

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