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Refraction and Dispersion of Light: 8 CBSE

Question: What do you mean by refraction of light? In which direction will light bend when travelling from an optically rarer medium to an optically denser medium?

Answer: The bending of light as it passes from one transparent medium to another is called refraction. It occurs because light travels at lower speed in an optically denser medium. Light bends towards the normal at the point of incidence as it passes from an optically rarer to an optically denser medium.

Question: Why does refraction occur?

Answer: Refraction occurs because of the difference in speed of light in different mediums.

Question: What is dispersion?

Answer: The splitting of light into its constituent colors is called dispersion.

Question: Which medium will bend light more – glass or water? Why?

Answer: Light will bend more in glass than in water as glass is optically denser than water.

Question: What is ‘white light’?

Answer: Sunlight is a mixture of light of several colors. It is known as white light.

Question: What is the order of colors in a spectrum of ‘white light’?

Answer: Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.

Question: Distinguish between near point and far point of the eye.

Answer: The least distance at which the eye can see an object clearly is called the near point whereas the far point of
the eye is the maximum distance at which it can see clearly.

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