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Animals – Habitat and Adoption

NCERT 8th Class (CBSE) Science: Conservation of Plants and Animals

Question: Animals are protected in a zoo (zoological gardens) also. What is the difference between a zoo and a wildlife sanctuary? Where do you think animals will be happier?

Answer: In a zoo wild animals are kept in an artificial habitat for public viewing. In wildlife sanctuary animals are allowed to live in their natural habitat without the fear of being hunted.

Question: When you plant saplings in a forest for afforestation, it takes several years for them to grow into big trees. A construction company thought of doing planned harvesting in a forest. They cut 10 trees every month and planted 10 new saplings every month as replacement. Do you think they will be successful in maintaining the number of trees in the forest? What change in strategy can you suggest.

Answer: The strategy will not be successful as the saplings will take several years to grow into trees, and by that time most of the forest would have disappeared. They must plan to plant many more trees than they cut down. Also they should only cut down a few trees from one area and then move on to another area.

Question: Tribals depend on forests for food and livelihood. Is it fair to prevent them from entering the forests? How can their symbiotic relationship be maintained?

Answer: No, their symbiotic relationship can be maintained by allowing them to live peacefully in designated forest areas without interference. Forests are the basic support system for tribals. They provide them employment through harvesting of forests, raising of plantations, and collection and processing of forest product. The forests also supply fuel, fodder and a variety of forest products for subsistence needs of the tribals. The survival and maintenance of forests are also equally dependent on tribals as they are protective of forests.

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