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Respiration in organism

NCERT 7th Class (CBSE) Science: Respiration in Organism

Question: What is anaerobic respiration? Does it occur in the human also?

Answer: Respiration that takes place in the absence of Oxygen is called anaerobic respiration. Sometimes during strenuous activity such as long distance running, anaerobic respiration occurs within our muscle cells.

Question: What is the difference between breathing and cellular respiration?


Cellular Respiration
Nature of Process
It is a physical process of exchange of gasses. No chemical reaction takes.
Chemical reaction of oxidation place. Of food takes place.
It takes place outside the cells.
It takes place within the cells.
There is no released of energy.
There is release of energy.

Question: Explain with the help of diagram, the structure of human lungs and how exchange of gasses occurs in lungs.


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