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The Birth of a Civilization

NCERT 6th Class (CBSE) Social Science: The Birth of a Civilization

Question: Elaborate on the religious practices of the Indus Valley People.


  1. The various seals and sculptures available gives an idea of the religion of the Harappan people.
  2. They worshiped objects of nature, trees and animals.
  3. The pipal tree and the bull were regarded as sacred and worshiped.
  4. No temples have been found.
  5. The Harappans wore lucky charms and amulates to word of evil spirits.
  6. They believed in life after death.
  7. They buried food stuff pets and ornaments along  with the dead.
  8. Sometimes they cremated the dead and kept the ashes or bones in an urn.

Question: Discuss the possible causes for the decline of Indus Valley civilization.


  1. Around 1800 BCE, the Harappan civilization suddenly began to decline and by 1500 BCE, most of the cities were abandoned.
  2. Various theories have been given for the decline of the civilization.
  3. Some historians feel that natural calamities like earthquakes, or epidemics might have destroyed the cities.
  4. Some believe that periodic floods in the region must have moved to safer areas. Another theory is that the increasing deforestation and change in the course of the river Indus, making the land infertile, must have led to its gradual decline.
  5. Yes another theory says that the people of the Indus valley were attacked by foreign tribes from Central Asia.

Question: Describe the two parts of a typical Harappan city.

Answer: A Harappan city was usually divided into two or more parts. The part to the west was smaller but higher. It is called ‘citadel’. The part to the east was larger but-lower. Archaeologists call it the lower town.

Question: How were bricks laid in houses of Harappan cities?

Answer: Bricks were so well made that they have lasted for thousand of years. They were laid in an interlocking pattern and this made the walls strong. Many of these bricks were taken away by engineers about a hundred and fifty years ago.

Question: Describe the drains of the cities.

Answer: Most cities had covered drains. They were laid out carefully in straight lines. Each drain had a gentle slope. Thus, water could flow easily through it. Drains in houses were connected to those on the streets and smaller drains led to bigger ones.

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