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NCERT 5th Class (CBSE) Mathematics: Polygons And Circles

This is a chord. It is a line segment that joins two points on the circle. This is chord QR. A chord may or may not pass through the center.

Circles -4

A chord that goes through the center of a circle is called its diameter. The diameter is the longest chord of the circle.

Circles -5

The length of the boundary/curved line of the circle is called is called the circumference of the circle. It is called the perimeter of the circle.

Circles -6

Circles -7

Ho to Draw a circle?

To draw a circle you can use different circular objects such as coins, bangles or bottle caps.

Draw a circle

You can also use a compass to draw a circle.

To draw a circle P of radius 4 cm, first fix a sharp pencil into the compass such that the compass point and the pencil point are at the same level.

Step 1: Open the compass and adjust it against a ruler so that the distance between the point of the compass and the pencil point is 4 cm.
Draw a circle.-1
Step 2: Place the compass point firmly on a blank sheet of paper.
Draw a circle.-2
Step 3: Turn the compass slowly on its metal pint to draw the circle. Mark the centre of the circle as P.
Draw a circle.-3-0

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