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NCERT 5th Class (CBSE) Mathematics: Polygons And Circles

Construction of Squares and Rectangles

(a) you can draw a square or a rectangle with the help of a set square.

A set square is a drawing instrument with a right angle. We use it with a ruler to get sharp corners of squares and rectangles.

Draw a rectangle ABCD with sides 4 cm and 6 cm.

Construction of squares and rectangles

Construction of squares and rectangles-1

(b) You can also use a protractor to draw squares and rectangles.

Draw square PQRS with sides of 5 cm.

Construction of squares and rectangles-(b)


What shape do these pictures remind you of?

Circles - 1

All these objects remind us of the shape of a circle.

A circle is a simple closed curve. It is made of a curved line. ‘O’ is the Center of the circle. We can name the circle by its center. This is circles O.

Circles - 2

This is the radius of the circle. The radius is a line segment that runs between the circle and its center. This is  radius OP. We can have several radii all of the same length starting from O going to other points on the circle. This is because all the points on the circle are at an equal distance from the center.

Circles - 3

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