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NCERT 5th Class (CBSE) Mathematics: Graphical Representation

Sometimes when we have a lot of information about things, it helps us to organize the information or data, as also called, Into graphs. Graphs  also help us understand and use the information in a proper manner. Graphs are pictorial or diagrammatic representations of data.


  1. Pictograph use pictures or symbols to represent information.
  2. It has a title.
  3. It gives the definition of the symbol or the key. The key is defined such that it represents the entire data.
  4. pictographs help you understand the information by allowing you to compare the data shown.

(a) The table shows the number of magazines published for children.

Weekly magazines
Fortnightly magazines
Monthly magazines
Quarterly magazines


This pictograph shows the same information.


(b) Represent the following information in the form of a pictograph. Give the pictograph a title and show what your symbol stands for

Favorite TV channels in Class V:

Comedy – 15 children, Cartoons – 25 children, Sports – 10 children, Adventure – 5 children.

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