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NCERT 5th Class (CBSE) Science: Food and Health

NCERT 5th Class (CBSE) Science: Food and Health

Question: Explain any two communicable diseases in relation to their symptoms and preventive measures?


communicable diseases
Preventive measures
1. Common cold
 1. cough, sore throat runny nose fever
 1. regular hand washing and keeping away from the infect person.
2. cough, fever, shaking, chills and shortness of breath
 2. Treatment with antibiotic.
 3. Tuberculosis
 3. Fever, chills, night sweats, weight loss, cheat pain.
 3. Treatment with antibiotic.  

Question: Define diseases. What are the two types of diseases? Give two examples fore each.

Answer: Diseases is a state in which a function are part of the body is no longer in a healthy condition.

Two types of diseases are:

  1. Communicable ( for e.g. – measles, malaria)
  2. Non communicable (for e.g. – beri-beri, scurvy)

Question: Define hygiene. Mention any five ways to maintain proper hygiene?

Answer: Hygiene may be defined as practices that help to ensure cleanliness and good health.

The five ways are:

  1. We should take a bath daily
  2. We Should at least brush our teeth twice in a day
  3. We should trim our nails regularly
  4. We should keep our surroundings clean
  5. We should wear clean clothes

Question: Define vaccination?

Answer: Vaccination is the use of the special substances called vaccines to prevent specific diseases.

Question: Define antibiotic?

Answer: Substances that can kill diseases -causing organisms are called antibiotics.

Question: What causes diseases like typhoid and and cholera?

Answer: These diseases are caused by consuming contaminated food or water.

Question: Define allergy?

Answer: Some people are sensitive to dust or certain foo, animal or drugs. Exposure to such subtances make these people ill causing itching, sneezing, rashes, etc. This condition is called allergy.

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