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NCERT 5th Class (CBSE) Science: Food and Health

NCERT 5th Class (CBSE) Science: Food and Health

Question: What are deficiency diseases? Discuss any 6 deficiency diseases their cause and the food that can be eaten to overcome them.

Answer: Deficiency diseases are those diseases that happen because of deficiency of any one component of food in the diet. These are also called non-communicable diseases.

Deficiency diseases
Caused by the lack of
Food containing the vitamins/minerals
1. Night blindness
1. Vitamin A
1. Papaya, mango, carrot, milk
2. Beriberi
2. Vitamin B1
2. Milk, peas, cereals

3. Scurvy
3. Vitamin C
3. Amla, lemon, orange, tomato
4. Rickets
4. Vitamin D
4. Milk and milk products, sunlight
5. Goiter
5. Iodine
5. Iodized salt
6. Anemia
6. Iron
6. Spinach, apple, brinjal, meat

Question: Describe any two communicable diseases?

Answer: Two communicable diseases are:


(a) Reason:

  1. This diseases can spread through germs.
  2. When the infected person coughs or sneezes the germs can enter the air and make other sick.
  3. This diseases can also spread by sharing personal items like handkerchief, towels, clothes etc with the infected person.

(b) Symptoms:- High level and red spots on the body.

(c) Prevention and cure:-

  1. Avoiding direct contact with the infected person.
  2. We should not share personal items of the infected person.
  3. The diseases can be cured by medicines and taking proper care of the infected person.


(a) Reason:

  1. This diseases can spread through mosquito bite.

(b) Symptoms: High fever, constant shivering and vomiting.

(c) Prevention and cure:

  1. We should not allow water to stagnate anywhere in our house e.g. – water in the water coolers as stagnate water will allow mosquito breading.
  2. This can be cured by medicines.

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