Wednesday , April 1 2020

10 English Essay For Primary Class [Set 3]

My Uncle: Essay For Primary Class


  • Father’s younger brother – teacher.
  • His room – Full of books.
  • Slim, eyeglasses.
  • Good knowledge – many prizes won.
  • Will be principal – pocket money.

Narendra Dev is my uncle. He is my father’s younger brother. He is a teacher in a college. He teaches history. He is thirty – five years old. He is still unmarried.

He lives with us. He has his own room. His room is full of books. There are also many bundles of written papers.

My uncle is tall and slim. He wears eye-glasses. He knows so much about history. He has won many prizes. He may soon become the principal of his collage.

He has great respect for my parents. He gives me pocket money.

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