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Rocks and Minerals

Minerals and Energy Resources: 10 SST

Question: Give three examples of metallic and three examples of non-metallic minerals.

Answer: Metallic Minerals are – Iron-ore, Copper, Manganese, Nickel.
Non-Metallic Minerals – Limestone, Dolomite, Mica.

Question: Name four important iron ore-producing states of India.

Answer: The four iron-ore producing states are:

  1. Chhattisgarh
  2. Jharkhand
  3. Odisha
  4. Karnataka

Question: Name four manganese ore-producing states of India.

Answer: The four manganese producing states are (1) Karnataka, (2) Orissa, (3) Madhya Pradesh, (4) Maharashtra

Question: Name four bauxite-producing states.

Answer: The Bauxite producing state are: (1) Jharkhand, (2) Odisha, (3) Gujarat, (4) Maharashtra

Question: Name three states which are known for the production of mica.

Answer: Mica producing states are: (1) Jharkhand, (2) Bihar, (3) Andhra Pradesh

Question: What are commercial sources of energy?

Answer: The commercial sources of energy are: Coal, Petroleum, Natural gas, Hydro-electricity and Nuclear energy.

Question: What are conventional sources of energy?

Answer: The conventional sources of energy are Coal, Petroleum, Natural gas and Electricity.

Question: Name six non-commercial sources of energy.

Answer: Non- commercial source of energy are fire wood, charcoal, cow dung and agricultural wastes, wood coal and babool wood.

Question: Name three most important coal producing states of India.

Answer: Three important coal producing states are (1) Jharkhand, (2) Odisha and (3) West Bengal

Question: Mention three areas where petroleum is found in India.

Answer: Gujarat, Mumbai High and Assam are three areas of petroleum.

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