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Tutors on Board

RAVINDRA GHADEKAR All [Engineering, ]

RAJ PHATIDAR [Computer Science And Engineering, ]

ASHISH GUPTA Business Management [Master Of Business Administration, ]

Objective Type Questions

As this new generation of young bright Indians transform our old age economy to ‘knowledge economy’, the ever growing importance of education cannot be undermined.

If we could categorize our business into a unifying theme of "Online Education Resource", we see a huge untapped market of students scouting for course specific contents, waiting to be served.

The inspiration to discover this education market comes from the fact that the huge repository of knowledge available on the net is actually nothing more then the garbled noise. It is our web portal which will create value in terms of specific content directed at very specific people. So jump in - join 2ClassNotes.com as an editor, as a tutor or as a student.


Class 10

All [1]

Chemistry [2]

Computer Science [1]

Mathematics [64]

Physics [3]

Science [7]

Class 11

Computer Science [18]

Class 12

Botany [81]

C Program [5]

Chemistry [68]

Computer Science [7]

Mathematics [1]

Physics [28]

SQL Database [5]

Zoology [117]

Class 3rd Semester

Analog Electronics-I [3]

Class 5th Semester

Database Management Systems [7]

Class 7th Semester

Optical Communication [2]

Class 8th Semester

Database Design [2]

Software Testing [31]


Public Relations [1]


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Popular Books References

Dive Into HTML5  Computer Science - Mark Pilgrim (2010)

JAVA Programming  Java Programming and Website Design - Atul Prakashan

Communication Systems  Communication Systems - McGraw-Hill

Visionary Pragmatics in Software Design  Software Engineering - IEEE Software TechSet

Schaum's Outline of Differential Equations, 3/E  Mathematics - McGraw-Hill

Books On Sale

Fundamentals of Analog Circuits
Analog Electronics - Prentice Hall