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Unseen Passages

Unseen Comprehension Passages III

Unseen Comprehension Passages  Set III – [06]

Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow:

The Geckos

My grandparents live in Florida. We spend most of our holidays at their house. And, while I am there, my favourite activity is to sit by the pool. I say “sit” because I rarely swim. Instead, I watch my favourite animal run around the patio. That would be the gecko.


Geckos live in most warm climates in North America. They are small lizards that live in mature and also near people. When I say they are small, I really mean they are tiny. The biggest one I have ever seen was about ten inches long. However, the book I read on geckos claims they can get to be 60 centimiteres long.

That would be over twice the size of the largest one I saw. Most, are just a few inches long. The lizards are usually green, but some geckos appear blue. I’ve seen a few that that have patterns on their backs, but not all do. While their appearance is interesting, geckos really drew me in by the way they move.

 Why I Love Geckos

See, geckos are incredibly fast. It seems geckos are either standing perfectly still or sprinting cross the paito! More interesting still is their climbing ability. They are some of the best climbers in the world. And they can stick to most surfaces. I’ve even seen geckos walk on ceilings before! Most people welcome geckos because they eat mosquitoes. My grandparents certainly feel this way. Their patio is covered in geckos, and they do not do anything to change that fact. And that is just fine with me!

My Only Complaint

The only thing I really dislike about geckos is that they do not live by me. However, my grandpa told me that it is not such a bad thing. They have seen so many of them that they fail to understand what makes me so fond of these weird creatures. He suggests that I would likely get sick of the geckos if I saw them every day as he does. I find that very hard to believe!

A. On the basis of your reading the passage, choose the answer:

(I). According to the passage, geckos range in size from

  1. 10 inches to 60 centimeters
  2. a few inches to 10 inches
  3. a few inches to 60 centimeters
  4. 10 inches to a foot

(II). According to the passage, which aspect of the geckos is the narrator most interested in?

  1. what they eat
  2. how they move
  3. how they appear
  4. What their lengths are

(III) As used in paragraph 4, sprinting is best defined as

  1. standing still
  2. climbing quickly
  3. standing closely
  4. running very quickly

(IV) From the passage it can be assumed that the narrator’s grandparents

  1. do not like mosquitoes
  2. are interested in learning about mosquitoes
  3. are very interested in geckos.
  4. do not understand the narrator’s interest in geckos

B. Find words from the passage which mean the same as follows:

  1. a repeated design-__________________
  2. difficult to believe- ___________________
  3. a feeling of distaste- ____________________

C. Answer the following questions:

  1. Describe the appearance of Geckos in your own words.
  2. How is the grandfather’s view about geckos different from that of the young boy?

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