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Unseen Passages

Unseen Comprehension Passages III

Unseen Comprehension Passages  Set III – [01]

Read the following passage carefully:

Two Great Personalities, Two Follies

Jawaharlal Nehru:

As a boy, Jawaharlal Nehru once stole one of his father’s pens from his study thinking that his father had two pens and he could not possibly use both of them at the same time. That evening when his father returned from court, he lost his cool on finding one of the pens missing.

There was an uproar in the house and after a frantic search, the instrument was found in little Jawaharlal’s room. His father did not like the way his son had taken his pen without his permission. He scolded the boy so much that he wept bitterly and went rushing to his mother.

That day he learned two lessons-never to do things on the sly and never to disobey his father but more importantly, he understood why his father had scolded him.

Mahatma Gandhi:

Once. as a child, Gandhiji stole a bit of gold from his brother’s to pay for the latter’s debt of twenty-five rupees. It was an innocent thing for a little boy to do to save his brother from disgrace. But by doing so he had lost all peace of mind and he could and he could not decide what amends he should make for the wrong that he had done.

At last he decided to tell his father the whole truth. He wrote a letter to him, telling him all about the incident and promising that he would never steal again. He asked his father to punish him as severely as he wished and begged him not to feel pained about it in any way.

As the father read that letter, tears began to roll down his cheeks. This left Gandhiji so devastated with shame and remorse that he took a silent vow never to do an unrighteous deed again. He strove   to be good and truthful ever after.

Question: (I) On the basis of your reading of the above passage answer the following:

  1. What did Jawaharlal Nehru steal from his father’s study and why?
  2. Why did Jawaharlal rush his mother?
  3. Why did Gandhiji decide to steal a bit of gold from his brother’s armlet? How did he feel   after stealing  it?
  4. Why did Gandhji’s father weep on reading the latter?

Question: (II) Find a word or a group words from the passage which mean  the same as the following:

  1. Conducted in a hurried, anxious or  disorganize way. (Paragraph 2)
  2. Compensate or make up for a wrong doing. (paragraph 4)

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