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NCERT 7th Class (CBSE) Social Science: The Changing Face of the Earth

NCERT 5th Class (CBSE) Social Science: Movements of the Earth – Their effect

Question: Define “Lithospheric Plates”. Answer: According to the theory, the lithosphere is broken up into number of pieces called tectonic or lithospheric plates. It consists of crust and outer parts of upper mantle. There are six major and 20 minor plates, all of which floats independently. Question: Distinguish between endogenetic and …

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NCERT 7th Class (CBSE) Social Science: The Interior of the Earth

NCERT 7th Class (CBSE) Social Studies: The Interior of the Earth

Question: Distinguish between rocks and minerals. Answer: Difference is as follows: Question: Distinguish between intrusive and extrusive rocks. Answer: Difference is as follows: Question: Name the main types of rocks with three examples of each. Answer: There are three types of rocks: Igneous rocks: Granite, Dolerite, Basalt. Metamorphic rocks: Marble, Slate, Quartzite. Sedimentary rocks: Sandstone, …

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NCERT 7th Class (CBSE) Social Science: Our Environment

Our Environment

Question: Explain the following terms- Environment, Lithosphere, Biosphere, Ecosystem, Pollution and Urbanization. Answer: Definitions are as follows: Environment – It refers to all external conditions in which an organism lives. It comes from the french word ‘environ’ which means to surround. It is used to describe everything, such as places, …

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