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NCERT 7th Class (CBSE) Social Science: India – Natural Vegetation and Wildlife

Question: How are forests important for us?

Answer: Forests play a vital role in the life of the human beings and in their absence we can’t imagine life. Plants release oxygen that we breathe and absorb carbon dioxide. The roots of the plants bind the soil and in this way check soil erosion. We get several things from the forests, such as wood for furniture, fuel, fodder, medicinal herbs, honey, lac, gum, fruits etc.Forests provide natural habitat to the wildlife, such as lions, tigers, elephants, monkeys, etc.As forests are so beneficial for us, we must make efforts to conserve it.

Question: What should we do to conserve wildlife?

Answer: We must not involve in hunting and poaching of wild animals. We can refuse to buy things made from parts of the bodies of animals such as their bones, horns, fur, skins and feathers. It will be an effective way to conserve wildlife. We should participate in the wildlife week which falls in the first week of October and try to create awareness of conserving the habitats of the animal kingdom.

Question: How are thorn forests different from mangrove forests?

Answer: Mangrove forest:

  1.  This vegetation grows in the coastal area where the fresh water of rivers mixes with the salt water of the sea.
  2. During high tide the roots of the trees get submerged in the water while at the trees get submerged in the water while at other times they remain exposed and the tree look as if they were standing on legs.
  3. Such vegetation is found in:
    (i) The Sundarban Delta of the Ganga and Brahmaputra River.
    (ii) The deltas of rivers Mahanadi, Godavari, Krishna and Kaveri.

Thorn forest: 

  1. These  forests are found in drier regions where average rainfall is about 50 to 100 cm annually.
  2. The trees of these forests have small leaves to reduce water loss from the leaf surface and also have deep roots to draw water from the sub-soil.
  3. Thorn Forest are mainly found in: (i) Rajasthan  (ii) Central parts of the Deccan Plateau  (iii) Gujarat and parts of Madhya Pradesh (iv) Plains of Punjab bordering Haryana
  4. The major trees found here are: kikar, babul and cacti. Many of these plants have medicinal value.

Question: Name two areas in India where thorn forests are found.

Answer: Thorn Forest are mainly found in:

  1. Rajsthan
  2. Central parts of the Deccan Plateau
  3. Gujarat and parts of Madhya Pradesh
  4. Plains of Punjab bordering Haryana.

Question: What is teak wood generally used for?

Answer: Teak wood is used for making boats, furniture and till recently, railway carriages.

Question: What products are obtained from the forests of India?

Answer: Fores purify air. They  attract rainfall, bind the soil to control erosion and provide us with timber, firewood, medicinal herbs, rubber, gums, lac, honey and fruits and are recreational sports. The Government of India has launched many programmes to conserve and protect forests and wildlife.

Question: Why is it important to protect the wildlife in India?


  1. The tiger is our national animal. It is now the most protected animal. A large number of Tiger Reserves have been established all over India to save them from poachers and to increase their population. The Royal Bengal tiger is found only in the Sunderban Delta. Other protected species that need special mention are the rhino of Assam, the Asiatic lion of the Gir forest, the leopard of the Himalayas and the wild elephants of Assam and the Nilgiris. The peacock is our national bird. It is found all over the country and is now highly protected.
  2. The Government of India has taken strict steps to protect the country’s wildlife. Hunting of wildlife is strictly prohibited. A large number of national parks, wildlife sanctuaries have been established. This step was essential to preserve the biodiversity by protecting the habitats and ecosystems of our wildlife. Project Tiger and Project Rhino are special efforts to protect these two fast disappearing species.

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