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Equatorial Forest Region

NCERT 7th Class (CBSE) Social Science: India – Natural Vegetation and Wildlife

Question:Name the two regions of Rajasthan which are very hot.

Answer: Jaisalmer and Bikaner.

Question: Name the two regions of Jammu and Kashmir which are very cold or freezing cold.

Answer: Drass and Kargil.

Question: What are called bushes?

Answer: Small plants are called bushes.

Question: What is the special feature of mountain vegetation?

Answer: The trees are conical in shape.

Question: Why is Van Mahotsav arranged?

Answer: Van Mahotsav is arranged to awaken people to plant more and more trees.

Question: Why are several species of wildlife of India declining?

Answer: Due to cutting of forests and hunting, several species of wildlife of India are declining.

Question: Mention the main features of thorny bushes.


  1.  Thorny bushes are found in dry areas of the country.
  2. The leaves are in the form of spines to reduce the loss of water.
  3. Cactus, khair, babool, keekar are important thorny bushes.
  4. They are found in the states of Rajasthan, Punjab, Haryana, Eastern slopes of Western Ghats and Gujarat.

Question:Name some migratory birds.

Answer: Pelican, Siberian Crane, Stork, Flamingo, Pintail, Duck and Curlew.

Question: Name two areas in India where tropical evergreen forests are found.

Answer: These are found in places that are hot and very west – rainfall over 200 cm annually. The trees remain green all the year round. In these forests, the undergrowth is thick which makes it difficult to travel across. Tropical Evergreen forest in India are found in these main regions:

  1. The western side of the western Ghats. Assam and the hills of the north-eastern states.
  2. Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Question: Which tree are commonly found in deciduous forests of India?

Answer: Tropical deciduous forests: Teak and sal are the most valuable trees found in theseforest. Other important trees are shisham, mahua, sandalwood, rosewood, semul and bamboo.

Question: What type of vegetation is found in the deltas of rivers Mahanadi and Godavari?

Answer: Mangrove forest: This vegetation grows in the coastal area where the fresh water of rivers mixes with the salt water of the sea. During high tide the roots of the trees get submerged in the water while at the trees get submerged in the water while at other times they remain exposed and the tree look as if they were standing on legs.

Question: Write a note on mountain vegetation.

Answer: Mountains are homes of various species of trees. They are found according to the variation in height. With increase in height, the temperature falls. At a height between 1500 metres and 2500 metres most of the trees are conical in shape. Such trees are called coniferous trees. Mountain vegetation includes trees such as chir, pine and deodar.

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