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Science Solved Sample Paper

9th Class CBSE Science Unit Test 2019-20

NCERT 9th Class CBSE Science Unit Test 2019-20: Himalaya Public Sr Sec School, Rohini, New Delhi

School Name: Himalaya Public School, Sector 13, Rohini, Delhi 110085 India
Time: 40 minutes
Marks: 20
Class: 9th
Date: 27/8/2019

Question: 1. Explain the reason when a carpet is beaten with a stick, dust comes out of it. [1]

Question: 2. Why does the ball comes to rest after covering a short distance when a batsman hits the cricket ball on a level ground. [1]

Question: 3. Why complex tissue is known on a complex tissue. Name such type of tissue in plants. [2]

Question: 4. Give the properties of Meristematic tissue? [2]

Question: 5. Draw a labelled diagram of phloem tissue. [3]

Question: 6. Differentiate between [3]

  1. tendon and ligament
  2. Bone and Cartilage

Question: 7. [3]

  1. Write 3 features of a cardiac tissue
  2. What are the components of blood. Give names only.

Question: 8. [5]

  1. Derive the formula for F = ma, on per second law of motion.
  2. A constant force acts on an object of mass 5 kg for a duration of 2 seconds. It increases the objects velocity from 3 m sec-1 to 7 m sec-1. Find the magnitude of applied force. It the force won applied for a duration of 5 seconds. What would be the final velocity of the object.

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