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NCERT 9th Class (CBSE) Social Science: Nazism and the Rise of Hitler

Question: What were the powers that were given to the Police Forces in the Nazi State?

Answer: The newly organised Police Forces , in the Nazi State, were given so much powers that people could be detained in Gestapo torture chambers, they could be rounded up and sent to concentration camps, or be deported or arrested without any legal procedure. The police force could function with such unwieldy authority that the Nazi state was known as the most dreaded criminal state.

Question: What were Hitler’s Foreign Policies?

Answer: Hitler’s Foreign Policies were a great success. He pulled out of the League of Nations in 1933. He reoccupied the Rhineland , which was confiscated by the French ,in 1936. In 1938 Hitler integrated Austria and Germany under the slogan, One people, One empire, and One leader.

He then captured the German-speaking Sudetenland from Czechoslovakia, and soon gobbled up the entire country.
In all of his foreign activities Hitler had the unspoken support of England, which had considered the Versailles verdict too harsh. These quick successes Hitler had at home and abroad reversed the destiny of the country.

Question: What was the historic blunder Hitler committed in 1941?

Answer: In June 1941, Hitler attacked the Soviet Union. The German western front was exposed to British aerial bombing and the eastern front was crushed by the powerful Soviet Red Army at Stalingrad. Thus the Soviet established its leadership over entire Eastern Europe for the next 50 years. This was the historical blunder committed by Hitler.

Question: What was the reaction of the common people to Nazism?

Answer: The common people reacted positively to Nazism. They saw the world through Nazi eyes and spoke their mind in the Nazi language. The common man felt anger and hatred when he saw the Jews. They marked the houses of the Jews and reported about suspicious neighbors.

They believed that Nazism would bring prosperity and general well-being.

A large majority of Germans were passive onlookers and were scared to differ or protest.

Question: What were the terms given by the Nazis when they wanted to convey the words ’kill’ or ‘murder in their official communications ?

Answer: The Nazis used the words ‘special treatment or final Answer’ to convey mass killing of the Jews. The words, ‘selection or disinfection’ was used for the elimination of the disabled and to deport people to the Gas Chambers the Nazis used the word ‘evacuation’.

Gas Chambers were called ‘disinfection areas’. These chambers looked like a bath rooms with fake shower heads.

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