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NCERT 9th Class (CBSE) Social Science: Nazism and the Rise of Hitler

Question: Explain what role women had is Nazi society. Return to chapter 1 on the French Revolution. Write a paragraph comparing and contrasting the role of women in the two periods.

Answer: Role of women in Nazi society was modeled on the principles of a large!y patriarchal or male-dominated society. Hitler hailed women as most important citizens, but this was limited to only Aryan women who bred pure-blood, ‘desirable’ Aryans. Motherhood was the only goal they were taught to strive for, in addition to performing the duties of managing the. household and being good wives.

This was in total contrast to the role of women in the French Revolution, where women led movements and fought for the right to education and the right to equal wages as men. They could not be forced to marry against their will. They could also train for jobs, become artists or run small businesses. Schooling was made compulsory for them.

Question: In what ways did the Nazi state seek to establish total control over the people?

Answer: Hitler, after coming to power, emerged as an all powerful dictator.
He destroyed democracy in Germany.

  1. The First Fire decree in 1933 suspended the civic rights like freedom of speech, press and assembly and thus controlled the German population.
  2. The Enabling Act was passed. It gave all powers to Hilter to Sideline Parliament and rule by decree.
  3. All political parties except the Nazi Party were banned. All political opponents were imprisoned or assassinated.
  4. The communists were suppressed and ‘sent to concentration camps.
  5. Special security forces such as the SA, SS, SD and Gestapo were created to control and order society in ways that the Nazis wanted. These forces were given extra constitutional powers.
  6. In schools children were taught to be loyal and submissive hate and worship Hitler.
  7. Nazi youth organizations, the like ‘Jungvolk’ and ‘Hitler Youth’ were created where the youth were taught to worship war and Hitler hate democracy, communism and Jews.
  8. Media was used carefully to win the support for Hitler and Nazism. Nazi ideas were spread through visual images films, radio, posters and catchy slogans and leaflets.

Question: Explain any five measures adopted by Hitler to established dictatorship in Germany.

Answer:The 5 measures that Hitler adopted to establish dictatorship were :

  1. After the elections the Nazi’s began to take the systematic rule of governments in Germany.
  2. Poltical enemies were arrested in thousands this means that the Hitler was clearing all the way .
  3. At this time loosely concentrated camps were under the control of SA and the revival of SS .
  4. On march 15 , 1933 a cabinet meeting was held in which the Hitler declared himself as the dictator of Germany.
  5. The abolition of ENABLING ACT by Reich stag  made a major reason for Hitler to establish dictatorship.

Question: How did the common people react to Nazism?


  1. Many common people saw the world through Nazi eyes and spoke their mind in the Nazi language. They felt hatred and anger inside them when they saw someone who look like a Jew. They marked the houses of the Jews and reported suspicious neighbors. They generally believed Nazism would bring prosperity and improve general well being.
  2. But not every German was the Nazi. Many people organised active resistance to Nazism, braving police repression and death. A large majority of Germans however were passive onlookers and apathetic witnesses. They were too scared, to act, to defer, to protest.
  3. Charlotte Berate secretly recorded people’s dream in a diary and later published them in a highly disconcerting book called The Third Reich of dreams. She described how Jews themselves began believing in the Nazism.They dreamt of their hooked nose, black hair and Eyes. The stereotypical images published in the Nazi press haunted the Jews. They troubled them even in the dreams. The Jews died many deaths even before they reached the gas chamber.

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