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NCERT 8th Class (CBSE) Science: Some Natural Phenomena

Question: Write some safety tips during lightning.

Answer: Safety during lightning:

  1. No open place is safe during lightning and hence a home or any other building is the safest place during lightning.
  2. The first sound of thunder is like a warning call for lightning. Hence, one should rush to a building soon after hearing a sound of thunder. One should come out of home only a few minutes after the last sound of thunder.
  3. You should not carry an umbrella (with a metallic handle) during thunderstorm. Metallic handle can be a potential target for lightning.
  4. Tall trees and other tall structures are more prone to be hit by lightning. If you are caught in the open, try to hide under a short tree.
  5. If you are in open and have no place to hide, then crouch on the ground and keep your head between your knees and hands.
  6. Don’t take shower during lightning.
  7. Use of phone should be avoided during lightning.
  8. Television should be disconnected from the antenna.
  9. Avoid operating the electric switches during lightning.

Question: Suggest some tips for a earthquake safe building.

Answer: Following provisions make a earthquake safe building:

  1. Buildings should be made quake proof. Engineers and architects are the experts who can give suitable advice in this regard.
  2. Light-weight materials should be used for making the buildings in earthquake prone areas.
  3. Cupboards should be fixed to the walls so that they do not fall on someone during an earthquake.
  4. People should be made to practice drills for earthquake. Such drills should be frequently organized in schools and at public places.
  5. In case of an earthquake, you should hide under a table or any other similar structure. If you are in bed, then keep a pillow over your head and do not move out of the bed. If you are in an open area, try to move away from buildings and other structures.
  6. Proper installation of fire-fighting equipment should be ensured in buildings. Fire due to short circuit and gas leakage is quite common during an earthquake.

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