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NCERT 8th Class (CBSE) Social Science: Human Resources

Question: What is the present average density population of World and India?

Answer: Average density population of the world is 45 persons per sq. km. and India is 364 persons per sq. km.

Question: Name is least populous continent of the world.

Answer: Antarctica is the least populated continent in the world.

Question: What do you mean by the age-sex pyramid?

Answer: Age-sex pyramid also known as the Population Pyramid is a graphical representation of the age, sex composition of the population.

Question: In what respects do different human beings differ?

Answer: Human beings differ from each other in age, sex, education, ethnicity, culture, physical and mental strength, etc.

Question: With the help of figures, describe how population varies across continents.

Answer: Around 61% of the world’s population lives in Asia, 12% in Europe, 13% in Africa, 8% in Central / South America, 5% in North America and 1% in Oceania.

Question: If 600 people live in your colony, and the area of your colony is 2 sq km, what is the population density of your colony?

Answer: If 600 people live in a 2 sq km area, on an average, 300 people live in 1 sq km. So density of population is 300 persons per sq km.

Question: Compare the population density of the world with that of India.

Answer: The population density of the world is around 45 persons per sq km, whereas that of India is over 320 persons per sq km.

Question: How does climate affect the population distribution of an area?

Answer: People prefer to live in regions with a moderate climate, and not places of extreme cold and hot climate. So moderate climate regions are densely populated.

Question: What is life expectancy?

Answer: Life expectancy is the number of years an average person can expect to live, based on data.

Question: What is the general trend of migrations from one country to another? Why is it so?

Answer: Generally, people migrate from less developed countries to more developed ones. This is done for better employment opportunities and other facilities.

Question: What is an age-sex pyramid?

Answer: An age-sex pyramid is a graph showing the number of males and females under certain defined age groups.

Question: Which of these countries is more densely populated: one with a small population in a large area, or one with a large population in a large area?

Answer: A country with a large population in a small area is more densely populated out of the two.

Question: List out the factors responsible for the rapid growth of world population.

Answer: Factors responsible for the rapid growth of world population are:

  1. Geographical Factors: Relief, Climate, Natural Resources, Soil, Water, Minerals.
  2. Social Factors.
  3. Cultural Factors.
  4. Economic Factors.

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