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NCERT 8th Class (CBSE) Social Science: Resources

Resources: 8th Class NCERT CBSE Social Science (Geography) Chapter 01

Question: What is the condition for a substance to be called a resource?

Answer: A substance needs to have some utility to be called a resource.

Question: What do you understand by the word “utility”?

Answer: If a substance can be used in any way, it is said to have a utility.

Question: What are natural resources?

Answer: Resources that are drawn directly from nature are called natural resources.

Question: What is the name given to the type of resources that have limited stock?

Answer: The resources having limited stock are called non-renewable resources.

Question: How are resources classified according to their distribution?

Answer: On the basis of their distribution, resources are classified into ubiquitous and localized.

Question: Give three examples of abiotic resources.

Answer: Air, land, soils.

Question: How are human-made resources different from natural resources?

Answer: Human-made resources Jiave been created by human beings, whereas natural resources are provided by nature.

Question: What is a resource?

Answer: All our materials needs using gifts of nature such as rocks, minerals, soils rivers, plants and animals. Any material that constitutes part of the earth and which humans need value is called a resource.

Question: What are the four types of value associated with resources?

Answer: There are four types of values associated with resources. These are:

  1. Economic value
  2. Legal value
  3. Aesthetic value
  4. Ethical value 

Question: What is human resource development?

Answer: Improving the quality of human skills in order to make them more useful is called human resource development.

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