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Rural Administration

NCERT 8th Class (CBSE) Social Science: Life In The Rural Areas

Question: Why were Bengal artisans deserting villages?

Answer: Bengal artisans were deserting villages because they were being pressurised to sell their goods to the Company at low prices.

Question: Name the Governor-General of India when the Permanent Settlement was introduced.

Answer: Charles Cornwallis.

Question: What did the ‘Permanent Settlement’ actually mean?

Answer: The amount of revenue the peasants were expected to pay was fixed permanently, that is, it was not to be increased ever in future.

Question: What problems did zamindars face under the Permanent Settlement?

Answer: As the revenue had been fixed at very high rate, zamindars found it difficult to pay. Anyone who failed to pay the revenue lost his zamindari.

Question: Who was William Morris?

Answer: He was a famous poet and artist of 19th century Britain. He designed a floral cotton print known as Morris cotton print.

Question: Who created Kalamkari print?

Answer: The weavers of Andhra Pradesh created Kalamkari print.

Question: What is common in the two prints – a Kalamkari print and a Morris cotton print?

Answer: Both use a rich blue colour commonly known as indigo.

Question: What is indigo?

Answer: It is a plant that produces rich blue colour used as a dye.

Question: Why did cloth dyers prefer indigo to woad?

Answer: Cloth dyers preferred indigo as a dye because it produced a rich blue colour, whereas the dye from woad was pale and dull.

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