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The Medieval World

NCERT 7th Class (CBSE) Social Science: The Medieval World

Question: What were the major historical developments during the medieval period?

Answer: The medieval period in India is characterized by important historical developments.

  1. The Muslim dynasties, particularly the Mughals, provided many centuries of political stability to the country. This led to increase in trade and the rapid growth of towns and cities.
  2. Trade led to a greater interaction between people from different parts of the world. India borrowed many things from the cultures of other countries.
  3. During the medieval period, Islam spread in India. The Bhakti and sufi movements spread the massage of devotion to god and kindness towards all human beings.

Question: List some important chronicles available for the study of  the medieval period.

Answer: A chronicle is a record  of the rule of kings and life at the court. Some important chronicles of the medieval period are:

  1. Rajatarangini by kalhana is a history of the kings of Kashmir.
  2. Tarikh-I Firoz Shahi by Zia-ud-din Barani which describes the history of the Sultans of Delhi till the reign of Firoz Shah Tughlaq.
  3. Khazainul-Futuh and Tughlaqnama by Amir Khusrau deal with the reign of Khaljis and Tughluqs.

Question: How are travelogues an important literary source?

Answer: Many foreign travelers visited India during the medieval period. Their travelogues give us a lot of information about the place they visited and the people they met. Their writing and letters are a very valuable source for reconstructing the history of the medieval period. Some of the well known visitors who wrote travelogues are:

  1. Al-Beruni, who came from Central Asia.
  2. Abdur Razzaq, who was sent by the ruler of Persia to the kingdom of Vijayanagar.
  3. Ibn Batuta, who wrote the Rihla, are few to name.

Question: Our information about the medieval period is much more than the ancient period. Explain?

Answer: Information about the medieval period is much more because:

  1. The books written in medieval period are available.
  2. The monuments still stand which tell us about the period.

Question: Who was considered a “foreigner” in the past?

Answer: In past (medieval period), foreigner is referred to any person who was not a part of the same society or culture. For example, a city-dweller might regard a forest-dweller as foreigner. But two peasants living in the same village were not foreigners to each other even though they belong to different caste or religious backgrounds.

Question: List some technological changes associated with this period.

Answer: In the thousand years between 700 to 1750, there occurred large variety of technological changes impacting social, economical, political and cultural changes. Prominent technological developments were:

  1. Persian wheel in irrigation.
  2. Spinning wheel in weaving.
  3. Firearms in combat.
  4. New food and beverages like potatoes, corn, chillies, tea and coffee.

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