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NCERT 7th Class (CBSE) Social Science: Role Played by Gender

Question: What is biological determinism? How are male-female relations created?

Answer: Biological determinism:

  1. There is a traditional theory which points to the biological difference between females and males. This view of “natural” difference is called biological determinism. It insists that certain behaviours are unchangeable and so justified.
  2. Gender relations originate not from the physical or biological factors but from the power relations in the family and in the society.
  3. The differences in male-female relations, often regarding one superior or inferior to the other, are therefore not natural but created by society.

Question: Discuss any five major areas of discrimination against women in India.

Answer: There are some of the major areas where gender discrimination affects women in India the most.

  1. Poor health: Women receive less healthcare than men.
  2. Overwork: Women work for longer hours and their work is often more difficult than that done by men.
  3. Mistreatment: In recent years, there has been a sharp rise in crimes against women. Lack of awareness and poor social education are the root causes of dowry deaths, female infanticide and selling of young girls into marriages.
  4. Powerlessness: Women lack the power to decide whom to marry, and are often married off early.
  5. Lack of education: In villages, families are less likely to educate girls. Girls are often made to stay at home and help in household work.

Question: How can gender inequality by improved in schools?

Answer: Gender equality can be improved at schools if,:

  1. The school is a place where girls and boys feel safe.
  2. Every student, whether a boy or girl is respected and valued.
  3. The school recognizes it active role in the construction of gender and is committed to practices that reflect gender equality.
  4. All students have access to an effective and rewarding education.

Question: Explain how gender inequality is closely linked to other forms of social inequality.

Answer: Gender inequality is closely linked to other forms of social inequality. Men generally earn more than women, they get better jobs, they make all important decisions in the family and have better positions of power in society. There are more boys than girls in school. There are many reasons for this. Girls are made to stay at home to do chores or look after younger brothers and sisters. They are also married off early and bear children at a young age.

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