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Our Environment

NCERT 7th Class (CBSE) Social Science: Our Environment

Question: What factors lead to environmental degradation?

Answer: With a passage of time, humans started changing the natural environment to their advantage with the help of varied skills and technologies. They started building houses to live in. They discovered minerals and invented machines, the growing population and increasing demand for goods resulted in rapid industrialization and mass production. To satisfy their increasing wants, natural environment is being exploited indiscriminately by humans. This is leading to environmental degradation.

Question: Everything in the biosphere is interconnected and interdependent. how?

Answer: Everything in the biosphere is interconnected and interdependent on each other:

  1. Forest provide products like timber, fruits, nuts, raisins, lac and medicinal herbs.
  2. They also provide a natural habitat for various plants and animals.
  3. Forests help moderate atmospheric temperature by absorbing carbon dioxide and adding moisture to the air through transpiration.
  4. Many animals depend on forests and grasslands for their food.
  5. Humans, in turn, depends on animals as a source of food. Some people also use animals as a mean of transport and to carry heavy loads.

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