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NCERT 7th Class (CBSE) Social Science: Media and Democracy

Question: Name any four forms of media.

Answer: Newspapers, television, magazines and Internet.

Question: Give examples for the means of communication in the ancient world.

Answer: The means of communication in the ancient world were:

  1. People used drums to communicate over long distances, or runners carried the information.
  2. Later, there were pigeons and men on horses carried messages over long distances.

Question: What is an “informed opinion”?

Answer: To form a correct opinion about an event, people need a media that gives correct information. By protecting happenings correctly and in an unbiased manner, the media helps in the information of an “informed opinion”.

Question: What is meant by freedom of speech?

Answer: In a democracy, people have the right to express their views freely. These views form public opinion. Public opinion keeps changing- views differ from person to person and from time to time. The opinion of the public is mainly expressed through the media. For example- In India, during the struggle of independence, several freedom fighters like Lokmanya Tilak started newspapers in which they criticised the British and awoke nationalistic feeling among the masses.

Opinion of the people are greatly influenced by what they see and read in the media. Therefore, in a democracy, the media is expected to function with great responsibility.

Question: Why should the media be responsible?

Answer: In a democracy, the media is supposed to be free and independent. In a democracy, the media is expected to function with great responsibility as opinion of the people are greatly influenced by what they see and read in the media.

  1. A free and uncensored media has the responsibility to provide unbiased coverage of events. People have to be told the truth about the activities of the government, and what is happening around  them.
  2. An independent media also helps to keep the judiciary under check by reporting on the way the court decides cases.
  3. If a democracy has to have free and fair elections, it needs a press that will cover candidates from all the parties in an unbiased manner.
  4. The media should also cover relevant issues that need to come up before elections, like developmental issues or social issues.
  5. The media assesses the performance of the government impartially so that people can know how effective the government has been.

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