Tuesday , July 5 2022

NCERT 7th Class (CBSE) Social Science: Institutional Representation of Democracy

Question: What do you understand by ‘political discipline of citizens’?

Answer: For efficient functioning of a democratic government the citizens of the country need to be politically aware and disciplined.

  1. It means that the citizens should be aware of their rights and duties. They should be willing to fight for their rights as also be equally willing to perform their duties.
  2. Violence or use of force has no place in a democracy.
  3. Freedom being the essence of democracy disagreements are unavoidable.

Question: Equality and human dignity are the core values of a democracy. Discuss.

Answer: Equality and human dignity are the core values of democracy:

  1. A democratic society should be free from all forms of discrimination such as caste, sub caste gander, region and language. All sections of the society should be equal partners in the development of the community.
  2. Human dignity is the core value of democracy. A society can be called democratic only if all its members are respected as human beings and with dignity.

Question: Why should caste and religious sentiments not be allowed to play an important role in elections in a democracy?

Answer: Parties based on caste and religious sentiments may cause unrest among the people and even lead integration. A leader should not stand for a particular religion, caste or region.

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