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NCERT 7th Class (CBSE) Social Science: Institutional Representation of Democracy

Question: What are the different types of party systems in the world? What system does India have?

Answer: Countries around the world have different party systems: Single-party system, Two-party system and Multi-party system.

Single-party system: China, have a single party system, here people have limited choice of candidates. All the candidates are from the same party and the party has tremendous power which it can at times misuse to crush the freedom of the people.

Two-party system: The United States of America (USA) and United Kingdom, have two party system. In USA, people choose candidates from either the Democratic Party or Republican Party. The electorate selects a party based on the stand the party takes on different issues.

Multi-party system: India have a multi party system, here the electorate can choose from several parties, each with its own agenda, or plan of action, for tackling issues facing the nation.

Question: What is a coalition government?

Answer: Sometimes no single party gets a majority. On such occasions, when two or more parties join together and stake their claim to form a government. This is called a coalition government.

Question: How is political awareness an important condition for democracy?

Answer: Politically aware citizens will be able to judge the performance of the government and make the correct choise of their representatives by evaluating the merits and demerits of different candidates. Such voters will not be easily swayed by false promises made by the candidates or by their money or muscle power.

Question: Why is public opinion essential for a democracy to work?

Answer: Public opinion as a decision-making mechanism plays a major role in a democracy. A democratic system grants people the right to formulate sound public opinion and the right to express it properly. No democratic government can ignore public opinion. If the government ignores or suppresses public opinion, people can remove it in the next elections.

Question: What are the prerequisites for a political party in a democracy?

Answer: It is important that parties have a national outlook. They should place national interest above everything else.

  1. They should not stand for particular religion, caste or region.
  2. National integration not fragmentation should be the goal of all parties.

Question: Discuss how intolerance can democratic system of country.

Answer: Intolerance in democratic system:

  1. Intolerance has no place in democracy.
  2. The very foundation of democracy is based on liberty and equality.
  3. In a democratic country like India everyone is allowed to voice his or her opinion.
  4. This spreads the culture of equality and of respecting the right and view of others.
  5. Thus intolerance and democracy are antithetical to each other.

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