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NCERT 6th Class (CBSE) Social Science: What is Government?

Question: Name some institutions that are part of the government.

Answer: The Supreme Court, the Indian Railways, Bharat Petroleum.

Question: List any two functions of the government.


  1. The government protects the boundaries of the country.
  2. It maintains peaceful relations with other countries.

Question: What happens when someone commits a crime?

Answer:He / She finds himself / herself in court in such a situation.

Question: Why is there a need to control resources and protect the territory of a country?

Answer: It is important so that people can feel secure.

Question: At which three levels does the government work?

Answer: The government works at the local level, at the state level and at the national level.

Question: Under which circwnstances a person may approach the court?

Answer: If a person feels that a particular law is not being followed he/she may approach the court.

Question: What does the court do in such situation? ,

Answer: The court gives orders to the government about what should be done.

Question: What do you mean by monarchy?

Answer: Monarchy is a form of government in which the monarch (king or queen) has the power to make decisions and run the government.

Question: What do you mean by representative democracies?

Answer: In representative democracies people do not participate directly but, instead, choose their representatives through an election process. These representatives meet and make decisions for the entire population.

Question: What do you mean by universal adult franchise?

Answer: Universal adult franchise means that all adults in the country are allowed to vote.

Question: What was itnfair practice in Gandhyi’s eyes?

Answer: In pre-independent India, only a small minority was allowed to vote. It is they who determined the fate of the majority. This very practice was seen as unfair practice by Gandhiji.

Question: What did Gandhiji demand?

Answer: Gandhiji demanded that all adults whether they rich or poor, educated or literate have the right to vote.

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