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Rural Administration

NCERT 6th Class (CBSE) Social Science: Urban Local Self-Government

Question: Who was Yasmin Khala?

Answer: Yasmin Khala was a Municipal Corporation employee.

Question: What had children done to the street light?

Answer: They had broken the streetlight while playing.

Question: What did children want to know?

Answer: They wanted to know whom did the lights on the streets belong to.

Question: Whose duty is it to replace the streetlights?

Answer: It is the duty of the Municipal Corporation of the city to replace the streetlights.

Question: Who takes decisions like where a park or a new hospital should go?

Answer: The Ward Councillors usually takes such decisions.

Question: What is the difference between the ward Commissioner and the ward Councillors?

Answer: The Commissioner is the body elected by the councillors while the Councillors are elected by the general voters of the world,

Question: What is a tax?

Answer: A tax is a sum of money that people pay to the government for the services the government provides.

Question: What types of taxes people have to pay?

Answer: People have to pay property tax on their homes as well as taxes for water and other services.

Question: Name two departments of the Municipal Corporation.

Answer: Water department and garbage collection department,

Question: What did the Commissioner advise Gangabai?

Answer: The Commissioner advised Gangabai to get a petition signed by all the adults in the locality saying that garbage was not being collected.

Question: How can common people keep their streets clean?

Answer: They can do this by keeping dustbin / dustbins at home.

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