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NCERT 6th Class (CBSE) Science: Sorting Materials into Groups

NCERT 6th Class (CBSE) Science: Sorting Materials into Groups

Question: Name the different properties that materials have?

Answer: Materials have different properties like roughness, luster, transparency solubility, flotation, attraction towards a magnet, conduction of heat and conduction of electricity.

Question: What are miscible and immiscible liquids? Give three examples each.

Answer: Liquids that dissolve in water are said to be miscible in water. For example: Alcohol, vinegar lemon juice, honey and glycerin. Liquids that do not dissolve in water are said to be immicible in water. For Eg – Kerosene, coconut oil and diesel.

Question: Name two gases that are soluble in water.

Answer: They are:

  1. Carbondioxide
  2. Oxygen

Question: What are magnetic material? Give two examples.

Answer: Material that are attracted to magnet are called magnetic materials. For Eg- Iron, Nickel etc.

Question: How are different materials grouped depending on transparency?

Answer: They are:

  1. Transparent:  Materials that allow all the light to pass through them For Eg – Glass sheet, water etc.
  2. Translucent: Materials that allow some light to pass through them For Eg – Colored glass, oiled paper etc.
  3. Opaque: Materials that allow no light to pass through them. For Eg – Wood, stone etc.

Question: Give three characteristics each of solid, liquid and gas.

Answer: Solid:

  1. Definite shape and volume.
  2. Cannot be compressed.
  3. Particles are closely packed.


  1. Definite volume but no definite shape.
  2. Can be compressed to small extent.
  3. Particles are not so closely packed.


  1. No definite shape and land volume.
  2. Highly compressed.
  3. Particles are loosely packed.

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