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Animals – Habitat and Adoption

NCERT 6th Class (CBSE) Science: Habitat of the Living

Question: Name some plants found on mountains.

Answer: Oaks, Pinus and Deodars.

Question: What is habitat?

Answer: The place where organisms live and which provide food and safety for them is called habitat.

Question: Name a few habitats.

Answer: Forests, grassland, mountains, ponds and oceans etc.

Question: Name two organisms that live in deserts.

Answer: Cactus, camel, desert rat.

Question: Name a few plants that live in ponds.

Answer: Hydrilla, lotus, hyacinth etc.

Question: Name the habitat where various types of fish live.

Answer: Pond, river, sea.

Question: Name a common thing in all fishes.

Answer: Gills, streamlined body, fins, tail.

Question: What is the function of gill?

Answer: Gills help the fish to absorb oxygen dissolved in water.

Question: Name the animal which is called the ship of desert.

Answer: Camel

Question: Name various types of habitat.


  1. Terrestrial Habitats
  2. Aquatic Habitats
  3.  Aerial Habitat

Question: Name two aquatic animals.


  1.  Fish
  2.  Tortoise

Question: Name two terrestrial organisms.


  1.  Cat
  2.  Dog

Question: Name two examples of aerial habitat animals.


  1. Birds
  2. Mosquitoes

Question: Name the types of components of habitat.

Answer: Components of habitat are:

  1.  Biotic components
  2.  Abiotic components

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