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NCERT 5th Class (CBSE) Science: Food and Health

NCERT 6th Class (CBSE) Science: Components of Food

Question: Name the six main nutrients present is food with one example of its source.


  1. Carbohydrates – Bread
  2. Fats – Butter
  3. Proteins – Meat
  4. Vitamins – Carrot
  5. Minerals – Citrus fruits
  6. Roughage – Apple

Question: Describe the effect of protein deficiency in children.

Answer: Growing children need more proteins in their diet. Lack of proteins in their diet weakens muscles.

Question: Name the different kinds of vitamins with their sources, functions and deficiency diseases.


Vitamins: A

Sources: Green leafy vegetables, fruits, butter, egg yolk, carrots and fish.

Functions: Keeps eyes, hair and skin healthy

Deficiency Disease: Night blindness

Vitamins: B

Sources: Eggs, whole grains and sprouts

Functions: Aids in digestion, maintains nervous system

Deficiency Disease: Beriberi

Vitamins: B2

Sources: Eggs, milk, and green leafy vegetables

Functions: Keeps skin and mouth healthy

Deficiency Disease: Skin disorders

Vitamins: B12

Sources: Meat

Functions: Formation of red blood cells

Deficiency Disease: Anemia

Vitamins: C

Sources: Citrus fruits like lime, orange and lemon, tomatoes and sprouts

Functions: Helps to resist infections and keeps teeth, gums and joints healthy

Deficiency Disease: Scurvy

Vitamins: D

Sources: Milk, fish and eggs, sunlight

Functions: Aids in the normal growth of bones in children

Deficiency Disease: Rickets

Vitamins: K

Sources: Spinach, cabbage or any other green leaf vegetable

Functions: Helps in blood clothing (to stop bleeding)

Deficiency Disease: Hemorrhage (excessive bleeding)

Deficiency of proteins leads to a disease called kwashiorkor. Deficiency of proteins along with the carbohydrate deficiency is called protein energy marasmus. These disease are more common in children of rural areas.

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