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NCERT 5th Class (CBSE) Social Science: Temperature Zones of the World

NCERT 5th Class (CBSE) Social Science: Temperature Zones of the World

Question: What are the factors that effect the climate of a place?

Answer: The factors that effect the climate of a place are:

  1. Latitudes or distance of a place from the equator
  2. Altitude
  3. Distance from the sea
  4. Wind
  5. Humidity

Question: On what basis has the earth been divided into temperature zone?

Answer: The earth has been divided into temperature zone on the basis of intensity of heat received from the sun by a particular place.

Question: Describe the torrid zone?

Answer: The torrid zone also know as hot zone as it receives the direct rays of the sun. It extends fro the tropic of cancer (23 1/2°N) Till tropic of capricorn (23 1/2°S). It is divided into north torrid zone and south torrid zone. It has tropical climate.

Question: What is the extent of the temperature zones?

Answer: The temperate zone is divided into north temperate zone and south temperate zone. The north temperate zone extends from tropic of cancer 23 1/2° N to Arctic circle 66 1/2° N. The south temperate zone extends from tropic of capricorn 23 1/2° S to Antarctic circle 66 1/2° S.

Question: Why life is difficult in the frigid zone?

Answer: Life in frigid zone is difficult because of the cold. In some parts the ground is permanently covered with ice.

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