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NCERT 5th Class (CBSE) Social Science: Our Rights and Duties

Question: Why do we celebrate Republic Day?

Answer: We celebrate Republic Day every year on 26th January to celebrate the adoption of our constitution.

Question: What are the Fundamental Rights? Name them.

Answer: The Right citizens are called  Fundamental Rights. They are:

  1. Right to Equality
  2. Right to Freedom
  3. Right against Exploitation
  4. Right to freedom Religion
  5. Cultural and Educational Rights
  6. Right to Constitutional Remedies

Question: What do you understand by ‘Right to Freedom’?


  1. Every citizen in the country has the freedom speech and is free to express his/her thoughts.
  2. They can assemble peacefully without arms, from unions and associations and move to and settle in any part of the country.
  3. They can practice any trad they want to.
  4. All children between the ages of 6 and 14 are entitled to free and compulsory education.

Question: What are the Fundamental Duties? Explain.

Answer: The duties of the citizens are known as fundamental Rights. Few of them are:

  1. Protect the natural rescources.
  2. preserve the heritage and culture of the country.
  3. Avoid social evils such as dowry and gambling.
  4. Protect the sovereignty, unity and intergity of the nation.
  5. Strive towards excellence in their respective spheres.

Question: What are the various Directive principles?


  1. Provide adequate means of livelihood.
  2. Ensure that wealth is not concentrated in the hand of the rich.
  3. Provide equal opportunities for men and women and prevent child labour.
  4. Provide free education for children under the age of 14 year.
  5. Take care of the weaker section of society and improve their conditions.

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