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NCERT 5th Class (CBSE) Mathematics: Lines And Angle


Types of Lines

Parallel lines

If you look at a pair of railway tracks, they remind you of a pair of lines that go on endlessly without meeting.

When two lines are at the same distance from each other and do not ever meet or cross, they are called parallel lines.

Parallel line

Parallel line-1

Two segments are considered to be parallel if the lines that contain them are parallel.

Intersecting lines

This is the picture of an iron grill in a window. The bars look like lines cutting or meeting each other.

When two lines cross or meet each other, they are called intersecting lines.

Intersecting lines

Perpendicular lines

The two roads in this picture intersect each other at right angles.

When two lines intersect or meet each other in such a way that they form right angles at the point of intersection, they are called perpendicular lines.

Perpendicular line

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