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NCERT 11th Class CBSE Physics Unit Test 2019

School Name: Himalaya Public School, Sector 13, Rohini, Delhi 110085 India
40 Minute
Marks: 20
Class: 11th Class
Subject: Physics

Date: 21/8/2019

NCERT 11th Class CBSE Physics Unit Test 2019

Question: 1. It the units of force and length each are doubled then how many times would the unit of energy be affected? [1]

Question: 2. Give the dimensional formula of: [1]

  • Gravitational Constant
  • Work and Energy

Question: 3. What is electro magnetic force? mention its important properties give some examples of the electro magnetic force. [2]

Question: 4. Find the dimensions of a×b in the in the relation P = b – x^2/at where P is power x is distance and T is time. [2]

Question: 5. Assuming that the mass m of the largest stone that can be moved by a flowing river depends upon ‘V’ the velocity, ‘P’ the density of water and on ‘g’ the acceleration due to gravity show that m varies with the sixth power of the velocity of the flow. [5]

Question: 6. in successive measurements the readings of the period of oscillation of a simple pendulum mas found to be 2.63, 2.56, 2.55, 2.42, 2.49, 2.53, sec in an experiment. [5]


  1. mean value of the period of oscillation
  2. absolute error in each measurement
  3. mean absolute error
  4. Relative error and
  5. Percentage error form

Question: 7. Fill in the blanks: 11th Physics Test 2019

  1. The surface area of a solid cylinder of radius 2 cm and height 10 cm is equal to _____ (nm)² (find both) [1]
  2. 10-9 corresponds to?
    10-18 corresponds to? [2]
  3. Taking velocity time and force as the fundamental quantities, find the dimensions of mass in terms of V, t, F. [2]

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