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Health Is Wealth Speech For Students And Children

Health Is Wealth Speech II

Good morning to the respected teachers and all my dear friends. At this auspicious occasion I would like to speech over common saying ‘health is wealth’. I know that everyone of us is well recognized with this proverb however only few people actually follow this strategy in their life. The real meaning of this proverb is that the one, who has good health become the happiest person of the world even from the rich people. Whether a person is rich or poor, he would be unhappy if suffers any disease or disability. This proverb is really meaning a lot for all of us if we understand and follow this remedy strictly. Diseases never ask a person for richness or poorness, they just affect the person if found weak and unhealthy.

Health is wealth proverb compares the value of health with the wealth and indicates that health is more valuable than the wealth. When a rich person gets diseased, he becomes an unhappy person than the poor healthy person. His/her life becomes useless instead of having lots of money. Money cannot buy happiness and healthy life; it can only give comfort and joy for limited time however a good health always goes together all through the life in every bad and good condition. Good health makes a person (whether healthy or poor) happy and cheerful forever. A healthy person lives better life than the rich person. They feel no burden to them and live stress free life.

A healthy person can be healthy in every walk of life however an unhealthy person cannot bear a little problematic condition. Being healthy is not so costly; one needs to maintain timely diet, healthy lifestyle and daily physical exercises. Some people save their money for future purpose but do not take care of their health, saving money is good habit for future but declining health is not good for future. People should maintain their health together with the saving of money.

Thank You.

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