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Rural Administration

NCERT 6th Class (CBSE) Social Science: Rural Administration

Question: What are the functions of the village patwari?

Answer: Another important aspect of village administration is the maintenance of land records.

  1. The patwari is a government official in the rural areas who is responsible for maintaining a record of ownership of land and tilling.
  2. He visits the various agricultural lands, records the name of the landholder and the dimensions of the land and makes a note of harvest for a year.
  3. There is a document called the fart which shows the name of the owner of the land as per the records of the patwari.
  4. The patwari maintains and updates the records of the village and informs the government accordingly. The government collects money from farmers and landowners in the form of taxes.
  5. The rate of the tax is fixed according to the quality of land and the size of the landholdings.

Question: What is the significance of the Hindu Succession (Amendment) Act, 2005?

Answer: Earlier women could only work on farms. They did not have the right to own land. The Hindu Succession (Amendment) Act was passed in 2005. Under this Act, daughters in the Hindu community are given the same rights as sons in matters of inheritance. This was an important landmark in ensuring that women were treated equally in relation to men in inheritance. The law is applicable to all the states and Union Territories of India.

Question: What is the job of the police after a matter is reported at the police station?

Answer: As we know that each Police Station has Station House Officer. Under Station House Officer these are Inspector or Sub-Inspector, Head Constables and Constables. These Constable would carryout an inquiry into the incident. This Constable will inquire through the Chowkidar who reports all maintains order in the village. Afterwards he may contact a patwari who is responsible for maintaining a record of the ownership of land and tilling.

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