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Rural Administration

NCERT 6th Class (CBSE) Social Science: Rural Administration

Question: What is the work of the police?

Answer: The police maintain law and order to establish peace in the society. By doing this, the police provide security to the general public.

Question: List two things that the work of a Patwari includes.


  1. Patwari measures land and keeps land records.
  2. He organises the collection of land revenue from the farmers and provides information to the government about the crops grown in the area.

Question: What is called bund?

Answer: The boundary that separates one land from another is called ‘bund’,

Question: What did Mohan notice one morning?

Answer: One morning Mohan noticed that Raghu had shifted the bund by a few feet.

Question: How can you say that Raghu was an influential person of the village?

Answer: Raghu’s family owned many fields. His uncle was also the Sarpanch of the village.

Question: Where can one register a case?

Answer: One can register a case in the police station which comes under his / her area or locality.

Question: Why do you think the Station House Officer (SHO) did not want to entertain Mohan?

Answer:It was because Mohan was not an influential person but a small farmer.

Question: What are the different names of the Patwari?

Answer: Lekhpal, Kanungo, Karamchari, Village Officer.

Question: Mention one responsibility of the Tehsildar?

Answer: He supervises the work of the Patwaris and ensures that records are properly kept and land revenue is collected.

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