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Living and Non-living

NCERT 6th Class (CBSE) Science: Living and Non-living

Question: how do scavengers and decomposers help in recycling nutrients?

Answer: The nutrients released from the dead bodies by the action of scavengers and decomposers gets mix with the soil and are absorbed by plants. This process is called recycling of nutrients.

Question: Give examples to show that air is important for the survival of organisms.

Answer: Air is important for the survival of organisms:

  1. Human and animals use it for respiration.
  2. Plants utilize air for making food.

Question: Describe the characteristics of living things in detail.

Answer: The characteristics of living things are _____

  1. A cell is the smallest living structure that is able to function independently.
  2. A group of similar cells that perform a particular function from a tissue.
  3. A group of tissues performing a particular function in the body from an organ.
  4. A group of organs interaction with one another to perform a particular life process like digestion, respiration etc, form an organ system.

Question: Differentiate between cold blooded and warm-blooded animals.

Answer: Cold-Blooded:

  1. Animals whose body temperature changes with the outside temperature.
  2. These animals cannot live in extreme temperatures.
  3. Eg: Reptiles and insects.


  1. Animals whose body temperature does not change according to the outside temperature .
  2. These animals can live in extreme temperatures.
  3. Mammals and birds.

Question: What would happen to the quality of air if the cutting down of trees increased?

Answer: The quality of air would be very bad because if all the trees are cut, there will be no oxygen and all the human beings will die and there would be no life left on earth.

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